Making A Mark In The Capital City

Hello Pretoria, we hope you don't mind but we want to make a mark?

Ahhh the capital city, home to a vibrant student life, Loftus, the Union Buildings and for 3 weeks the Rocking Future Roadshow 2012!

This year we brought a bumper edition of the Rocking Future Roadshow to Pretoria. That means more shows, and more time with the tertiary institutions so that YOU can really understand what you need to do to make your mark!

You know about the show right? YOU DON’T! Well then best you read on and let us acquaint you with the in’s and out’s of the Rocking Future Roadshow 2012.


Meet The Crew

We scoured  the globe to find the two of the hippest, most energetic and sometimes funniest guys we could find, and lo and behold we found them. Please meet Chris and Pilane!

They look tough, but they aren't...

Trained to overcome pretty much anything that stands in the way of inspiring and preparing the Matric Class of 2012 for their future, we sent Chris and Pilane (or Mr. P as he likes to call himself) on their way. Of course we didn’t send them empty handed. We gave them a ton of free stuff to give away. From Tekkie Town vouchers to CD’s and DVD’s from Sony BMG, books and even magazines like SA Career Focus ZA Difference and Popular Mechanics for those budding engineers out there.


The Shows

When we said Bumper Edition we really meant it! This year we will visit 48 high schools in and around the greater Pretoria area. During January and February we saw 30 high schools and we asked 17 of South Africa’s top tertiary institutions to join us, including The Capital Hotel School, Regenesys Business School, The International Hotel School, The Academy of Sound Engineering, Oakfields College and even CTI.

Ntseband Phaahla (left) and Relebogile Makgabo (right) holding the stylish Future Guide 2012

Of course we brought along a brand new edition of the Future Guide packed with information about all the institutions that we brought with us and even a few that weren’t able to make it to the actual show. As always there are interesting articles to read, interviews with bands, DJ’s and people with super rad job’s (like ours).

This year we also decided to include something that would keep our memory at the schools long after we had left. It’s shiny, round and no, it isn’t money.

Shield your eyes! It's the hottest thing to hit the Rocking Future Roadshow

The Future Fact’s DVD is given to every single school we visit and can be used as another resource to educate, enthuse and inform learners from Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12.

We showcase three of the top private tertiary institutions in South Africa and what they offer as well as one of South Africa’s employers of choice, The Shoprite Group of companies. We scratch the surface of what Shoprite actually does and the numerous career opportunities that they offer. We were amazed and have no doubt that you will be as well.


That’s All… For Now

So that wraps up the first leg of the Rocking Future Roadshow 2012 in Pretoria. We will be back in the Capital City on 10 May 2012 and if we haven’t booked your school you should check out our parent company, Three Ring Circus’, website for contact details on how to get your school in on the most rocking career guidance show you have yet to experience.

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RFR2012 OUT! (for now)

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Our Marks For The Friendly City? 10 out of 10!

Have you made your mark yet?


What a year it’s been so far! We kicked off 2012 by visiting the friendliest city in South Africa, Port Elizabeth! After a long drive and our eagerness to see the ocean we arrived in Port Elizabeth ready to help the Matric Class of 2012 make their mark!

Armed with a brand new edition of the Future Guide, giveaways like CD’s from Sony BMG, vouchers from Tekkie Town, Career Focus, ZA Difference, and even seventeen magazines we were ready to rock, but who was going to run the show?





Meet The Crew

Victor (left) and John (right) our Rocking Crew on the coast

We tried to find the liveliest, most happening (is this slang still relevant?) guys we could for 2012 and we think we did quite well. Hailing from Johannesburg, Victor is no stranger to getting people motivated and encouraging them to push themselves to heights they themselves never thought possible. John, who calls Cape Town home, is so nice they haven’t actually even created a word to describe how nice he really is. This comes in handy when you have a burning question to ask him about which college/varsity offers what courses or when we throw those freebies out at the start of the show.


The Shows

So we have the Future Guides, the giveaways, the MC’s… I’m sure we’re forgetting something. Oh of course, the Matrics!

We visited 10 schools in our week in P.E and as I’m sure you know the heat was incredible, but that just gave John and Victor a reason to rock harder and amp up the Matrics even more!

This year we brought along 14 tertiary institutions to the schools in P.E and they included Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), Total Concept Academy, Damelin, Varsity College, Capsicum Culinary Studio and the list goes on.

Remember there is info about all the tertiary institutions you saw and more in your Future Guide

This year we included short video clips from the different institutions into the Future Facts DVD just to spice the show up a little bit more, you’ll be able to see these clips on our youtube page in the forthcoming weeks. For now you can get a small sample of what the Matric’s saw from Exercise Teachers Academy watch this now.






The Matrics

As anybody who was in Port Elizabeth in January can tell you it was hot, and not just hot, HOT HOT! We must confess that we were worried about whether the Matrics would be up for our extreme need to rock their worlds in the heat, our worries were unfounded.

Day after day, school after school we were thoroughly impressed with the thirst for knowledge the Matrics in P.E have. They listened intently and asked every question they could ask in the 20 minutes they had to meet the representatives of the various tertiary institutions at their school.

Don’t be fooled though, just because they want to know it all doesn’t mean they don’t know how to party! At some schools they even made John and Victor dance! All in all the Matrics rocked us and we made our mark on Port Elizabeth.

Remember the fun doesn’t stop at the show check us out at the following places for the latest news, photo’s, competitions and cool stuff:




In closing we just want to thank all the tertiary institutions, the teachers involved, the schools for giving us this oppurtunity, the people of Port Elizabeth for being so friendly and of course you the Matric’s of 2012. Let’s hope we don’t see you next year!

Rocking Future out!

RFR 2012 P.E Edition signing out!